Disney is making a live-action “Lion King!”

Disney is making a live-action “Lion King!”

Disney nerds, gird your loins, or should I say “lions!” We’re getting a live-action version of The Lion King.

Hakuna Matata!

I feel like most earthlings love The Lion King.  Whether it’s the original 1994 movie, its spin-offs or the hit Broadway musical, you have probably encountered the story of lion cub Simba’s journey from orphan youngster to leader of the pack (of course it helps that the story was inspired by Shakespeare…

Disney’s new tradition is remaking their beloved animated features into live-action film, so it makes sense to reboot one of their most successful films of all-time. Jon Favereau, director of this year’s live-action The Jungle Book, will be at the helm for The Lion King. There’s no additional information about the project as of this time, but you know we’ll keep you updated.

I just can’t wait to be watching this movie!



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