Donna was right about Richard Simmons all along!
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Donna was right about Richard Simmons all along!

When the podcast “Missing Richard Simmons” went viral, Donna thought maybe Richard Simmons just doesn’t want to do it anymore. Maybe he’s fine, and he’s at home.

According to everything that happened in the aftermath of the “Missing Richard Simmons” podcast and People magazine’s article on the subject, she was right.

It just seems like at some point, Richard Simmons stopped enjoying what he was doing, and he needed to make a change. How relatable is that?

One of the most compelling parts of the People magazine interview was its conclusion, a quote from Richard in 1981, when he said, “I work real hard to make people laugh and to make them think. The day I don’t love any of this, I’ll walk away.”

And that’s just what he did.

Maybe at some point, he’s the one who wanted to laugh, who wanted to think, and who can blame him.

Case closed.

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