Donna’s egg explosion
Donna & Steve

Donna’s egg explosion


Yesterday Donna tried to make hard boiled eggs. So, she threw some eggs in a saucepan and…


Fast forward five hours from when she put them on the stove, Donna wakes up to her whole house smelling like a bonfire. She runs to the stove to find that the eggs have exploded, landing all over her ceiling, floor and walls.

Donna's egg explosion

It was really nice of her dog to try and help clean by licking up pieces of the exploded egg.

The saddest part, Donna says, is this isn’t the first time this has happened. LOL

We loved what you have already had to say about Donna’s fail on Twitter:

What was your last cooking fail?


Donna & Marley

PS: Donna alleges that pan is a saucepan, and not a frying pan. I’m not sure how that’s possible. I think we have another black/blue vs. white/gold dress situation on our hands…


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