Donny’s review of ‘The Dark Tower’ movie.
Donny Love

Donny’s review of ‘The Dark Tower’ movie.

The best thing about this movie? It’s only 95 minutes long.

I am a huge Stephen King fan. I have read all of his books, including all eight in the Dark Tower series. On the one hand I was excited about The Dark Tower coming to the big screen, but on the other I was concerned about how such a massive story as the books encompass thousands of pages could be made to work even upon hearing that follow-up movies and even a TV series are being considered. Well, I’m sorry to say that The Dark Tower is a real disappointment.

If you are a devotee of the books, I wouldn’t bother going. You will just be angry and frustrated that they messed up a great story. If you know nothing about the books, you will leave the theater confused and asking yourself, what was that all about?”

The plot is an impossible  mish mash. So much of the back story is left out it all makes little sense as it is picked up somewhere in the middle of the saga.  They added in a bunch of stuff about The Man in Black’s story. Why? Those scenes took on an almost science fiction tone. It’s filled with dumb gunfights and chases. So many things aren’t explained. We asked to just accept what we’re seeing. Ridiculous.

What they’ve delivered is a comic book version of The Dark Tower.  The story deserves so much more. I’m hoping “It” will be a much better movie. Fingers crossed for  that one.







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