Donny’s review of the HBO documentary., “Spielberg”.
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Donny’s review of the HBO documentary., “Spielberg”.

I give it 4 loves. ♥♥♥♥

HBO’s documentary about famed movie director Steven Spielberg is one of the best I’ve seen, regardless of the subject.

It was quite amazing to see how his love of movies began as a pre-teen. In the documentary you will see examples of his earliest work and how he was already figuring out how to incorporate special effects into his mini-movies, which usually “starred” his sisters or whoever else happened to be around the neighborhood.

One of the most fascinating aspects of his story is how his parent’s divorce and how it affected him as a young boy wove its way into so many of his films, from “Close Encounters”, to “E.T’, to “Empire of the Sun”.

Although its veracity is disputed by some, I particularly enjoyed the tale of how he snuck onto the Universal Studios lot in his early 20’s, procured an office and even put his name on the door and wasn’t discovered for several months!

I had no idea that he directed many television shows before he broke into the movies. He worked on “Columbo”,  “Marcus Welby M.D.”, “Night Gallery” and “The Name of the Game” with seasoned actors many years his senior.

It’s incredible to when you realize he directed the blockbuster “Jaws” when he was only 25!

From his first movie “Sugarland Express” to “Bridge of Spies” in 2015, he has consistently been on the cutting edge of movie making.

Trust me when I say, you do not have to be a movie buff to enjoy this fascinating portrait.



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