Don’t miss Caleb Hawley at the Icehouse tonight!
Marley McMillan

Don’t miss Caleb Hawley at the Icehouse tonight!

Caleb Hawley

We had the pleasure of having singer songwriter Caleb Hawley on the air with us today (Listen to the Hour 3 podcast here!), and we are so excited to see his show tonight (Friday) at the Icehouse in Minneapolis!

The band goes on at 10:30 pm sharp and tickets are still available here, or for $10 at the door.

Caleb is originally from Hudson, WI but has been living in Harlem in New York City for the past ten years. Not only has he been killing the solo act for many years now, he made it to the top 50 on American Idol a few years back! Check out his audition:

He’s a soulful songwriter and singer, and an incredible entertainer anyone would enjoy whether they’ve heard his music before or not.

So… See you at the Icehouse!!





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