Do not watch these movies with your Dad!
Alexis Thompson

Do not watch these movies with your Dad!

Our public service for the day…DO NOT WATCH THESE MOVIES WITH YOUR DAD!

Tam saw Creed over the weekend; she said it was the “best movie in the universe!” Oscar-worthy even!

BUT she did see it with her dad and said on a scale from 1 to 10, the uncomfortable level was 5 because of the heavy groping.

Got us thinking…what other movies did we see with our dads that made us want to earmuff him and hide his eyes!

To avoid that, skip watching these movies with him.

My pick is Bruno with Sasha Baron Cohen as the Austrian fashionista visiting the United States.  There’s a runway scene were little Bruno “talks.” Very disturbing to watch with your Dad.

April picked Across the Universe especially when they implied they were high on LSD and skinny dipping.

Elizabeth said ANY of Robin Williams stand-up specials. “There were motions that Robin did with his hands that we can NOT unsee and will forever be in my mind.”

A few myTalkers called in this morning and added these movies to the list:

Ted, Monster’s Ball, Love Actually and Boogie Nights.

We can watch these all day with Mom, but some reason we’re dying a little inside watching with Dad. What is that about?

Any movies/tv shows you would add to this list?




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