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Doutzen Kroes responds to backlash over Covid-19 vaccine stance

2019 MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs)
Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes has spoken about in response to the backlash over her Covid-19 vaccine stance.

Earlier this month, the Dutch supermodel hit headlines when she revealed in an Instagram post that she didn’t plan to get one of the coronavirus vaccines, and commented: “I will not be forced to take the shot. I will not be forced to prove my health to participate in society. I will not accept exclusion of people based on their medical status.”

While Doutzen’s post received a mixed reaction in the comments section, with Gisele Bundchen even stepping in to note that she was saddened to see “all the judgment and the lack of empathy”, the 36-year-old took to the social media site once again on Sunday to reiterate her view.

“I shared my opinion because I hope to reach people to tell them they are not alone. I think they feel alone because it’s so freaking hard to not be liked for many of us. To hear one sided information in the media and feel like you’re doing the wrong thing while protecting yours and everyone’s right,” she wrote. “I don’t ridicule anyone’s opinion because I respect it and all I’m saying is please also respect mine. Unity in unconditional respect is what is so needed!”

Doutzen went on to claim that she was looking for “alternatives” and is doing her own research.

“I’m done convincing anyone, this is not my place but at least now you know where I stand. I want to live my life in sovereignty but don’t know how and I’m sure many of you feel the same. I love you all,” the model concluded.

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