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Drake and 21 Savage sued for ‘flagrant infringement’ over fake Vogue cover

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Drake and 21 Savage have been hit with a lawsuit over their fake Vogue cover.

The mass media company that owns Vogue – Condé Nast – has filed a lawsuit against the rappers for promoting their new collaborative album Her Loss with a fake Vogue cover.

In court documents obtained by Billboard, the publisher claimed the musicians’ “deceptive campaign” violated intellectual property laws.

Drake and 21 Savage posted several promos for their album, including an appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk and an interview on The Howard Stern Show – neither of which were real.

One of their fake promos included an Instagram post teasing their fake Vogue cover story in which Drake thanked Vogue editor Anna Wintour for her “love and support on this historic moment”.

While NPR has now invited Drake to appear on Tiny Desk and Howard Stern has joked about the phoney interview on his show, Vogue’s publisher saw Drake’s Instagram post as a “flagrant infringement” on the company’s trademark rights.

Condé Nast’s complaint argues that Drake and 21 Savage sought to exploit the “tremendous value that a cover feature in Vogue magazine carries” without receiving a real cover feature.

The filing requested an injunction forcing the rappers to stop using the “counterfeit” cover, stressing, “All of this is false… And none of it has been authorized by Condé Nast.”

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