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Drake angers Pet Shop Boys with uncleared lyrics

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Drake has angered British music legends Pet Shop Boys by using the lyrics from one of their hits in a new track without permission.

In All The Parties, from Drake’s new album For All the Dogs, the rapper clearly uses the chorus to the duo’s 1986 hit West End Girls, singing its lyrics with minor change from “West End town” to “Six side town” but with a similar intonation to the original.

In a post on Twitter/X on Friday, the group, comprised of Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, revealed that they hadn’t cleared the reference to their hit.

“Surprising to hear @Drake singing the chorus of ‘West End girls’ in the track ‘All the Parties’ on his new album,” reads their complaint. “No credit given or permission requested.”

The duo did not reveal whether they plan to take legal action and Drake has not publicly responded to the claims.

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