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Drake reveals he was paid $100 to open for Ice Cube in 2006

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Drake confirmed that he was paid $100 to open a show for Ice Cube in 2006.

Earlier this week, the superstar rapper reposted an expenses sheet from his 2006 performance at the now-shut Kool Haus in his native Toronto, in which he opened for Ice Cube.

Since 35-year-old Drake’s rise in success, rumours have arisen about how much he earned for his opening act, Page Six reports.

The Flyer Vault posted a copy of the expenses sheet for the gig on its Instagram page, showing that Drake was paid $100 (£89) for the gig.

“On August 19, 2006, Ice Cube headlined the Kool Haus with supporting act Drake in what was likely his first ever concert. The Boy got paid a handsome sum of $100 and performed cuts from his debut mixtape Room For Improvement which was released earlier that year,” the post’s caption read. “Classic history!”

Drake later added the image of the expenses sheet to his Instagram Stories with a message to aspiring musicians.

“This is for anybody getting 100 a show right now,” the rapper wrote. “Keep going.”

The posted copy of the expense sheet had all other lines blacked out where payments to Ice Cube, the advertising team, catering, the DJ, security, technicians, and others would be shown. The addressee’s name was also covered.

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