Dreamweaver: Babies, food, Vegas and can’t find her shoes!
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Dreamweaver: Babies, food, Vegas and can’t find her shoes!

What does it mean?

Dreamweaver Dawn can help!

8/3 Dreamweaver: Babies, food, Vegas and can’t find her shoes!

7/6 Dreamweaver: Can’t find way to work, panic packing up sold cabin and Alexis’ dream about her grandma

6/22 Dreamweaver: Roof caving in and does a childhood crush like her or not?

6/15 Dreamweaver: Boring ballet, baby surrogate and Paul McCartney saves the day!

6/8/20 Dreamweaver: Moving into a new house, a dark figure standing at the foot of the bed and a witch trying to pull them through a tube!

3/9/20 Dreamweaver: dogs and clutter in parent’s house, seeing self drown, coffee with TV people and catching bats!

12/16 Dreamweaver: The Light of Awareness; 911 Call; Biting People; Moldy House; Singing on Key

12/9 Dreamweaver: Chasing Rats in the basement; 50 cats in an apartment; Woman gives birth to a baby lion; school dream

11/25 Dreamweaver: Staying at Elizabeth’s house; cat drives a car; Music in dreams; Granddaughter dream

11/4 Dreamweaver: wearing costumes, blind date with Alexis, no water in the toilet and a third floor with secret rooms

10/21 Dreamweaver: bank without doors, naked in a fire, better house in the basement and kayaking and seeing a hanged man

10/7 Dreamweaver: adventures with pets, moldy shower, WWII Germany, slow dancing with Mom and stabbed by scissors

9/30 Dreamweaver: car moving no one inside, zombies, JLo, babies in hot cars and a dream about Dad

9/23 Dreamweaver: playing with babies in water, a foreign city and forgot her new baby!

9/16 Dreamweaver: chased by a cheeseball, prisoner’s purpose, a marble swirling in son’s brain, back to country of origin and diarrhea

9/9 Kissed Brett Favre, fire in a hospital as mom and sister give birth and Willie Nelson comes to a party!

8/26 Mountains, big mansion with lots of kids and a spirit flips her body in the tub!

8/19 Bugs laying eggs in your ear, running free and a friend died

8/12 Abduction, sensations of pain, college, dirty bathrooms and rebellious snakes!

8/5 A flooded lighthouse, mom married much younger trainer and knickknacks everywhere!

7/29 Ditching a farmer in Hawaii, sex with Theon Greyjoy and rescuing a pug and babies!

7/8 Flying, Chrissy Teigen and an expensive hotel in San Francisco!

7/1 Dinner plates in eyes and sister’s husband not showing up to his wedding!

6/24 Killed someone, forgot to put on makeup, rotting gums and fingernails!

6/17 Can’t walk, in a storm and house filling with sand, adoption and a job offer!

6/10 Playing with spirits, Kanye and Kim K and eating jewelry?!

6/3 Plants, baby shark, son goes missing, snake eating her and friends with other husbands

5/20 Transforming into different animals, college finals and a spaceship in the sky

5/13 Fish, murder, a Trapper Keeper and getting lost

5/6 Poop, John Stamos’ house, secret rooms and centipedes

4/29 Grandpa making muffins, dead body not dead and a doorbell ringing

4/15 Haunted house and a shower

4/8 Kittens, puppies and 16-year-old with crayons

4/1 David Letterman, floating in water and cracks in her teeth

3/25 An empty office, Derek Hough, snakes and ex-boyfriends

3/18 Tiny creatures, creepy guy at Sam Goody and Jason’s dream

3/4 Two headed dog and flying

2/18 Dead dogs, being scalped & ex-husbands

2/4 Babies and a big ass tree

12/17 Flying and can’t get to destination

12/10/18 telepathic communication?!

What does a telephone in a dream mean? Dreamweaver Dawn knows!

12/3/18 flying through the sea?!

11/26/18 military planes overhead

11/19/18 “I can breath underwater!”

11/12/18 nipple snip?

11/5/18 elevator with ex-boyfriend opens to a horse ranch

10/29/18 big worm pulls the skin off little worm

10/15/18 Cupcake shower

10/8/18 Mr. Potato Head 

10/1/18  Houses and a rainbow worm

9/24/18 Sex with an ex-boyfriend

9/17/18 War dreams

9/10/18 Rainbow poop?

What does rainbow poop mean?? Plus Dawn delivers a hard truth.

7/23/18 Car dreams and babies!

7/9/18 Pinched skin on her hand?

7/2/18 Forgetting makeup on wedding day!

6/25 No pants at a work meeting, a zombie dream and understand Alexis’ mean leprechaun canned corn dream.


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