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Drew Barrymore doesn’t work out every day

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Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore doesn’t work out every day, and has finally got the balance right after years of trying.

The 46-year-old actress discussed her approach to health, fitness and beauty during a recent episode of Dear Drew on Entertainment Tonight, and confessed she’s not motivated enough to exercise daily.

“The truth is, I don’t find the incentivisation to work out every day. My best advice is, (if) you don’t feel like working out that day, that’s OK. Maybe eat better that day. If you let it go for a couple days, get (back) on it for a couple days,” Drew explained.

“You gotta find that balance, and it took me my whole life to get there. And you hardly ever, if never, walk away from a workout going, ‘That was a waste of time.’ You always feel better,” the Charlie’s Angels star shared.

Elsewhere in the weekly Q&A session, Drew dished out some of her best beauty advice, and revealed the one top tip she can’t live without.

“I have learned some very important rules about plucking eyebrows. First of all, wherever the hair is growing, you wanna pull in that direction. You are bound to have less ingrown hairs and avoid them altogether,” the Flower Beauty founder said.

“Also, do not put make-up on right after fresh plucking. You’ve opened up those pores and you’re kinda putting just dirty foundation in it,” Drew added.

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