Duchess of Sussex takes care of her own makeup to eliminate fuss
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Duchess of Sussex takes care of her own makeup to eliminate fuss

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex isn’t “fussy” enough to have a professional entourage apply her makeup all the time.

The former Suits actress, who was Meghan Markle before she married British royal Prince Harry in May (18), takes care of applying her own cosmetics for official outings, with longtime friend Daniel Martin, the makeup artist who helped her look stunning on her wedding day, explaining the 37 year old has her beauty method down to a science.

“She’s gotten more comfortable doing her own makeup,” he tells People. “She loves makeup and she’s good at it! She’s been doing her makeup herself. She’s not fussy – she’s just trying to get it on and get out the door.”

Duchess Meghan has very particular tastes when it comes to cosmetics after honing her makeup skills over so many years.

“She likes a stronger eye, her brow is a lot more defined now, but it’s still her,” Daniel, who first began working with the royal when she starred on TV show Suits, shares. “If anything, she’s going to experiment with different tones, and now that she’s more tan she’ll use warmer colors. But she doesn’t stray too far from her technique; she’s very formulaic with her routine.”

Makeup maven Daniel, who serves as an Honest Beauty consultant and Dior brand ambassador, doesn’t expect the Duchess to take too many risks with her cosmetics looks.

“The one time she did a red lip, she just didn’t feel comfortable in it,” he recalls. “She likes to talk and she’s not a fussy person, so she doesn’t want to have to worry about anything… You have to stick with what you know and feel comfortable and confident, and just own it.”

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