E! shares first preview of “I Am Cait”
Colleen Lindstrom

E! shares first preview of “I Am Cait”

Wednesday morning, E! shared the first trailer for the docu-series chronicling the transition of Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn.

In the preview, we see Caitlyn getting into full hair and make up for the now famous Vanity Fair cover shoot where she debuted for the first time.

She thinks aloud about what it will be like when she can be “normal,” and refers to the moment as “the new normal.”

We will be able to begin watching the new E! series, “I am Cait” beginning on July 26. Caitlyn has shared that we will not see the four Jenner children from previous marriages in the series as they are not keen to share their journey with the same production company that has made a spectacle out of their step siblings, the Kardashians. Caitlyn shared with Vanity Fair that we are not to see this as any indication that they are anything but supportive. They have only chosen not to benefit from any financial gain from Caitlyn’s journey.

Caitlyn has complete creative control of the series, so we will truly be seeing the transition from Caitlyn’s perspective, and surely will be part of learning what the new normal will look like for her.

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