Eddie Redmayne: I ignore Oscar buzz
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Eddie Redmayne: I ignore Oscar buzz

Eddie Redmayne tends to ignore Oscar buzz.

The 32-year-old British actors portrays physicist Stephen Hawking in forthcoming biographical drama, The Theory of Everything.

Many critics are praising his performance and expect him to receive an Academy Award nomination, but Eddie refuses to think that far ahead.

“I know it sounds silly, but when you’re worked hard on something, and when it’s a story you care about, and about people you care about, of course it feels so lovely. But I don’t think you could stay sane if you really paid too much attention to it,” he told USA Today.

“The word ‘buzz’ is there and gone … if you listen to it, you raise yourself for a fall. With The Theory of Everything, I think it’s really [Hawking’s] story that I was inspired by — and I hope other people will be.”

Eddie attended the Academy Awards in 2013, where he sang One Day More with his Les Misérables castmates.

And the star found his Oscar performance bizarre.

“It was a very odd experience,”each little section was filmed with each character by themselves. So, weirdly, there was no real time where we sang it all together,” he recalled.

“[But at the Oscars] suddenly, it’s this very odd thing where you’re all there — I remember Russell Crowe had us all around to his hotel room a few days beforehand and Amanda [Seyfried] was there and Annie [Hathaway] and Sacha [Baron Cohen] and a pianist, and we sort of had this sing-along. It was totally bonkers, I was pinching myself.”

The Theory of Everything is released in theaters November 7.


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