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Eiza Gonzalez pushed back against wearing make-up in I Care a Lot

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Eiza Gonzalez

Eiza Gonzalez kept pushing back against wearing make-up in I Care a Lot because she didn’t think it was right for her character.

In the new dark comedy, the Baby Driver star plays Fran, the girlfriend and business partner of Rosamund Pike’s Marla, a crooked legal guardian who runs a scam in which she drains the savings of her vulnerable, elderly wards.

Marla is polished and has impeccable style, and Gonzalez wanted Fran to look “messy” in comparison, and she had to stop the film’s make-up artist from applying cosmetics because she didn’t think it fit her character.

“Our make-up artist is incredible and I felt bad because I kept on pushing back on make-up,” she told Collider. “And I was like, ‘I just don’t think she would wear make-up.’ And she was like, ‘But it…’ And I was like, ‘I understand, but Fran is a woman that comes from a bail bonds background. She’s a fly on the wall.’ She doesn’t want to be seen and she’s also very comfortable in her own skin.”

Gonzalez also relished the opportunity to show herself in a different way onscreen to break out of the box she’s been put in, and she was thankful director J Blakeson supported her vision.

“I think that for me, especially my background as the things I’ve done and the things that people cast me for, there is this predisposed idea that I have to be beautiful or whatever stereotypes that people like to put on me and it was exciting that J was willing to play and he was like, ‘Yeah, don’t wear make-up.’ It was like, this just feels like this woman. It’s not me with an agenda. It just feels like Fran is that person,” she explained.

She went on to conclude that her appearance in I Care a Lot – which also consisted of T-shirts, Vans, and unruly hair – was her “favourite look” from her movies so far.

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