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Elizabeth Debicki admits royal news makes her ‘nauseous’

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Elizabeth Debicki

Elizabeth Debicki has no interest in reading news about the British royals.

In a new cover interview for British Vogue, The Crown star admitted that she doesn’t enjoy reading articles about real-life members of the monarchy.

“I don’t have any big opinions about the royal family,” Elizabeth said. “That’s an advantage here, right?”

Adding that she doesn’t follow news on the monarchy at all, she continued, “The Daily Mail makes me nauseous.”

She also denied having met any members of the royal family and noted: “Maybe I never will now. Prince Harry seems fun.”

Elizabeth portrays Diana, Princess of Wales in the Netflix show’s upcoming fifth season.

Elsewhere in the interview, the Australian actress discussed how working on the series had given her insight into the late royal’s life. Diana died in a car accident at the age of 36 in 1997.

“Anyone who works on the show has a sense of how extremely difficult it is to be born into that. The rules are sort of decided for you as well: less is more. Although, of course, Diana broke that rule,” she stated. “She broke the fourth wall, reaped the benefits, but the consequences came hard and heavy…

“In so many ways, it’s a story of immense transformation – and triumph too. The public got to watch her evolve into an incredibly strong woman, trying to control a narrative that was the slipperiest thing ever.”

Season five of The Crown is set to be released on 9 November.

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