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Elizabeth Hurley reveals why working on Serving Sara with Matthew Perry ‘was a nightmare’

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Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley recalled working with Matthew Perry on the set of Serving Sara.

Speaking to Yahoo! Entertainment for an interview published on Wednesday, the Gossip Girl star recounted her experience co-starring with the Friends actor on Serving Sara during his battle with addiction.

“I have very fond memories of him,” Elizabeth remarked. “To be honest, it was a nightmare working with him at that time and, as it’s now known, our movie was shut down because of his addiction.”

The actress explained, “We were in a force majeure and had to all sit at home twiddling our thumbs for some time.”

Calling the shutdown “a little tough”, Elizabeth recalled when Matthew returned to set, “he was fabulous”. The actor had to “revoice everything that we shot before” the shutdown.

The 57-year-old actress added she was aware at the time that her co-star was struggling.

“It was tough, obviously he was having a tough time, but he was still very charming and a lovely person to work with,” she shared. “But you could see he was suffering for sure.”

Matthew released his memoir Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing earlier this month. The book chronicles his acting career, dating life, and struggle with addiction.

“It’s quite interesting,” Elizabeth declared of the excerpts she’s looked over, admitting she hasn’t “actually read the book yet”.

She added, “He’s a very funny writer like he’s a very funny man. He’s an incredibly gifted comedian… his way with words is fantastic.”

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