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Elizabeth Olsen admires Kirsten Dunst and Diane Keaton’s careers

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Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen is inspired by actresses including Kirsten Dunst, Diane Keaton, and Emily Watson.

The WandaVision star was asked in an interview with Variety whose filmographies she is inspired by and if she considers any actor’s career a good roadmap for her own, and gave a shout-out to the three actresses.

She explained that she admires British star Watson’s choices, particularly 1996’s Breaking the Waves, and went on to praise Spider-Man and Jumanji star Dunst for constantly surprising people with her roles.

“It’s so hard to compare yourself to anyone else’s experience. Because I look at Emily Watson, and I think about the career she’s had, and I admire the decisions she’s made. Breaking the Waves is one of the most spectacular movies I’ve ever seen,” she gushed. “I think Kirsten is an incredible actress, and is part of some of the most iconic films in the last three decades, and I think she’s bottomless – the way she’s able to continue to surprise audiences with her abilities.”

Olsen is also a huge fan of The First Wives Club star Keaton because of her sense of humour and cool attitude.

“I’m obsessed with Diane Keaton. I think she’s hilarious, and she just doesn’t give a f**k about anything, it seems like,” she added.

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