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Elon Musk shares private photo of ex-girlfriend Amber Heard dressed as video game character

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk has shared a never-before-seen photo of his ex-girlfriend Amber Heard dressed up as a character from the video game Overwatch.

In the new biography, Elon Musk, author Walter Isaacson reported that the X/Twitter boss asked the Aquaman actress to dress up as Mercy from the video game during their relationship in 2017 and 2018.

To back up the claim on Wednesday, the SpaceX founder posted a photo of Amber in Mercy’s white costume, complete with a halo, wings and an oversized collar.

He added, “She did dress up as Mercy. It was awesome.”

In the biography, which was released on Tuesday, Isaacson wrote, “He told her that she reminded him of Mercy, his favorite character in the video game Overwatch. So she spent two months designing and commissioning a head-to-toe costume so she could role-play for him.”

While Elon praised his ex in the biography, his close friends and family expressed different opinions.

“(Elon’s) brother (Kimbal Musk) and friends hated (Amber) with a passion that made their distaste for Justine (Wilson, Elon’s first wife) pale,” Isaacson wrote, before quoting Kimbal as saying, “It’s really sad that he falls in love with these people who are really mean to him. They’re beautiful, no question, but they have a very dark side and Elon knows they are toxic.”

Meanwhile, Elon’s ex-girlfriend Grimes, who shares three children with the tech mogul, described Amber as “chaotic evil”.

“My Dungeons and Dragons alignment would be chaotic good. Whereas Amber’s is probably chaotic evil,” the Genesis singer told Isaacson. “He’s attracted to chaotic evil.”

However, Amber shared her love for the entrepreneur in the book and admitted that he sometimes makes contentious decisions.

“I love him very much,” the Justice League star confessed. “Elon loves fire, and sometimes it burns him.”

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