Emilia Clarke is Sexiest Woman Alive
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Emilia Clarke is Sexiest Woman Alive

British actress Emilia Clarke poses for photogrpahers before Christian Dior's Spring-Summer 2016 ready-to-wear fashion collection presented during the Paris Fashion Week, in Paris, France, Friday, Oct. 2, 2015. (AP Photo/Zacharie Scheurer)

Emilia Clarke has been named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive.

The magazine gave the title to the stunning Game of Thrones actress after being impressed with her ability to stir up many different emotions on the small screen. Emilia has won fans all over the world since landing the role of Daenerys, mother of dragons, in the award-winning TV show.

“She manages to bring together a number of opposites, to make them natural: sweetness and toughness, emotionalism with a kind of cold-blooded determination,” writes the magazine. “Something in these contrasts explains her sex appeal, too. She can play queen and kid sister, dominatrix and pal.”

Lisa Hintelmann, Esquire’s editorial projects director, has added the 28-year-old star was the “obvious choice” for the title this year. Describing her as “unforgettable” in Game of Thrones, Lisa revealed it was a unanimous decision to champion Emilia.

Despite impressing with her performance on the TV show, Emilia confesses that her agent had to convince bosses to let her audition for the role. The beauty also admits she knew very little about the George R. R. Martin books which inspired the series beforehand.

“My agent told the casting director, ‘I know that the breakdown for this character is tall and willowy and blonde. I know she’s short and round and brown, but I’d like you to see her,’” Emilia recalled.

“I had two scenes which told me nothing and not very much time in which to read all those books. So I did what every good actor does and Wikipedia’d the living c**p out of it.”

Emilia grew up harboring dreams of an acting career, but her father warned her she would “never make any money”. Despite enjoying fame and fortune, she is determined not to let the attention go to her head. “I’m trying everything I can not to be freaky,” the star explained.

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