Emily Engberg holds the key to Zac Efron!
Bradley Traynor

Emily Engberg holds the key to Zac Efron!

Intrepid movie junketeer for Twin Cities Live Emily Engberg joined Colleen and me today to discuss our current campaign: “The Hunt for Hot Zactober!”

In case you haven’t heard, Colleen and I want to make human contact with Zac Efron by October 2017.

Since we heard Zac’s got a new movie coming out at the end of the year, we figured there’d probably be a press junket. And if there is a press junket, there’s only one junketeer we know of who could help us get to Zac.

Enter Emily Engberg.

Emily committed to helping us on our journey to utter Zac-dom.

Fingers crossed.



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