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Emily in Paris star Lily Collins doesn’t mind fans calling her ‘Emily’

PaleyFest LA For The Emily In Paris Premiere
Lily Collins

Emily in Paris star Lily Collins now answers to either “Lily or Emily”.

The Rules Don’t Apply actress plays aspiring marketing executive Emily Cooper, an American who relocates to France, in the hit Netflix series.

Reflecting on how fans often call her Emily now during an interview for Porter, Lily insisted she doesn’t mind in the slightest.

“I get called Emily all the time. I respond to either one (Lily and Emily) now. I take it as a compliment,” she said, before referring to the character’s signature upbeat outlook. “She’s somebody who is optimistic and solution-driven, and to play someone like Emily can give me a boost when I don’t even know I need it. Just to be able to feel a sense of positivity; that’s what Emily does for me.”

And Lily loves when members of the public approach her to gush how they are inspired by Emily’s eclectic designer wardrobe.

“It’s very funny and endearing, and so bizarre and sweet, to see people, visiting the city, dressing like the character and taking photos,” the star continued. “People came up to me and said, ‘I packed my bag according to what Emily would wear.’ If they saw me in character, it was very trippy.”

Season three of Emily in Paris is now streaming via Netflix.

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