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Emma Corrin calls for Oscars to introduce gender-neutral awards

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Emma Corrin

Emma Corrin has called for the Oscars and BAFTAs to introduce gender-neutral categories.

The Crown star, who identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, would like the major film awards organisations to merge the Best Actor and Best Actress categories into one gender-free shortlist.

“I hope for a future in which that happens,” Emma told BBC News. “I don’t think the categories are inclusive enough at the moment… It’s about everyone being able to feel acknowledged and represented.

“It’s difficult for me at the moment trying to justify in my head being non-binary and being nominated in female categories.”

The British star won a Golden Globe and the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress for their portrayal of Princess Diana in The Crown, while they were also nominated for a Best Actress Emmy.

The My Policeman star acknowledged that they largely play female roles, and asked, “When it comes to categories, do we need to make it specific as to whether you’re being nominated for a female role or a male role?”

They continued, “You can discuss awards and the representation there, but really the conversation needs to be about having more representation in the material itself, in the content that we are seeing for non-binary people, for queer people, for trans people, because then I think that will change a lot.

“When those parts come up, meaning more people and more actors are playing those roles then I think there will be more of an urgency with which these questions will be addressed.”

The organisers of some film awards, such as the Independent Spirit Awards and MTV Movie & TV Awards, have already got rid of gendered categories.

A BAFTA spokesperson told the BBC the organisation was “engaged in proactive and thoughtful consultation on this subject”, while the organisers of the Oscars are believed to be doing the same.

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