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Emma Heming celebrates 14 years of marriage to ‘greatest love’ Bruce Willis

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Emma Heming

Emma Heming has honoured her “greatest love” Bruce Willis in a message marking their wedding anniversary.

On Tuesday, the model/entrepreneur took to Instagram to share a snap of a bouquet of pink peonies, and in the accompanying caption, noted that it had been 14 years since she tied the knot with the Die Hard actor in March 2009.

And while Emma indicated that celebrating the occasion was difficult due to Bruce’s frontotemporal dementia diagnosis, she was grateful for the support of friends and family.

“Today marks 14 years of marriage to the greatest love of my life. I woke with my heart full but what my mind kept going back to was another person’s act of kindness yesterday I wanted to share as it inspired the heck out of me,” she wrote. “In passing at a school event for our children, I mentioned to my friend that our anniversary was tomorrow. Cut to, I get a text from my friend later that day that said she left ‘a little something’ for me at my door. It was this sweet bouquet of flowers (pictured) with a note that said Happy Anniversary amongst other things.”

Emma went on to emphasise just how “hard these types of ‘special occasions’ can be on caregivers”.

“When usually our person would acknowledge the event, now their changing brains just can’t. And that is what it is,” the 44-year-old continued. “So my point is this. If you know someone that is looking after someone else, don’t ask what you can do, just do. This random act of kindness will honestly stay with me for a long time.”

Earlier this week, Emma also celebrated Bruce’s 68th birthday with a heartfelt post.

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