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Emma Heming Willis ‘not good’ amid husband Bruce Willis’ dementia battle

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Emma Heming

Emma Heming Willis has opened up about her wellbeing amid her husband Bruce Willis’ battle with dementia.

In a Monday Instagram post, the model asked her fellow “care partners” to “look for something beautiful” in their otherwise “hard” and “stressful” days.

“I know it looks like I’m out living my best life, (but) I have to make a conscious effort every single day to live the best life that I can. I do that for myself, I do that for our two children and (I do that for) Bruce, who would not want me to live any other way,” Emma said in a video posted to the platform. “So I don’t want it to be misconstrued that I’m good, ’cause I’m not. I’m not good.”

Admitting that her thinking often becomes “doom and gloom”, Emma shared that putting her “best foot forward” daily “does not come to me easily” but it’s “really important” for “the sake of myself and my family”.

Emma shares 11-year-old Mabel and nine-year-old Evelyn with the Die Hard actor. The couple married in 2009.

Bruce retired from acting in March last year after his family revealed he had aphasia, a language disorder that leaves a person unable to communicate effectively. In February, the family announced Bruce, 68, had received a new diagnosis of frontotemporal dementia.

“When we are not looking after ourselves, we cannot look after anyone that we love,” Emma continued in her video, noting she was “just doing the best that I can always”.

In the video’s caption, Emma acknowledged that she didn’t “have this down to a fine-science” but was trying to keep positive “affirmation” in the “forefront of my mind”.

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