Emma Stone, Jimmy Fallon play “Box of Lies”
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Emma Stone, Jimmy Fallon play “Box of Lies”

Emma Stone is a terrible liar.

The Hollywood A-lister put her truth-telling skills to the test during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon yesterday.

The popular talk show host asked Emma to participate in a game of Box of Lies, where she had to pick from nine options and try to make Jimmy believe the item she had to describe was actually in the container.

“I love to lip sync but I’m a terrible liar. So this is a bad game for me!” Emma laughed.

She then asked the audience what number she should pick, going with the majority cheers to choose number four.

“Oh, it’s heavy,” she giggled, before adding “I’m really going to be bad at this game.”

From the box, Emma pulled out a DVD of the Disney film Frozen in a plastic ice cube. Trying to keep a straight face, the redheaded star attempted to fool Jimmy.

“You know how in a deck of cards there are like three or four instruction cards that you always have to throw out before you play a game? It’s like a sculpture stack of those cards in the shape of… I guess it can only be a salamander. A gecko!” she enthused.

But Jimmy saw through her tall tale and denounced her a liar. When the tables were turned the TV star fared better, winning a point for his own lie that a fake hand wearing a wristwatch was actually a plate with a tiny squirrel surfing on a piece of lettuce.

“I won, I won, I won,” he cheered.

“You deserved it,” Emma smiled clapping her hands.

The 25-year old actress also got her groove on during the appearance, showing off her dance skills as she prepares to star in the Broadway production of Cabaret. She takes over the role of Sally Bowles from Michelle Williams.


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