Episode 5: Welcome to Paradise!
Marley McMillan

Episode 5: Welcome to Paradise!

Welcome back to “You Get A Rose”! We missed a week because my co-host gave birth — valid excuse — but we’re back! And I am so excited to talk about everything “Bachelor in Paradise.”

This week I am joined by gal pal Natalie Beck, a Philadelphia based dietician who is equally as passionate about this trash TV show as I am.

In this week’s episode, we discuss whom I have unexpectedly fallen in love with, Josh’s feelings for Amanda vs. pizza, and what on Earth is going to happen in the love triangle that is Jared, Caila and Ashley I.

It’s as exciting as ever. I think I like this show even more than the “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette”!

“You Get A Rose” will return next week to cover the next two episodes of “Bachelor in Paradise,” airing Monday and Tuesday nights at 7 pm on ABC.



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