EP. 187 Best to The Nest: Peaceful Parenting

Okay, so there’s no way we can run book club right now, so how about a quote club instead? Here is the first one from Parenting for a Peaceful World by Robin Grille: “Whenever we impose our own purpose on our children, our plans tend to backfire. Children want to be seen for the totality of their being-they resist and rightly so our fervent hopes that they become good doctors, lawyers, humanitarians, or nice people. We smother them with our expectations . Our children do not want to be our projects. They want to be enjoyed and related to for who they are at any given moment, as if who they are now and who they are becoming in this instant is all they will ever be. They want to get to know us as real people. And they need us to remain open to whom they are as individuals: almost always they will surprise us, confound our expectations. Children are not adults-in-the-making; they are not clay to be molded. They are children, and that is that. Our task is to wonder at them, to learn about ourselves through our relationships with them. It is also important to remind ourselves that children are not “them”-they are “us.” We have felt what they feel, yearned for what they yearn for-and if we are honest with ourselves…still do.” Let’s discuss. 

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