Go Deep In The Shallow

I Like to Be Tan – The Story of Tan Mom and Gina Rodriguez – Season 2 – Ep2

Patricia Krentcil – Tan Mom – became an internet sensation in 2012. That viral moment became a career when Tan Mom hooked up with Gina Rodriguez as record deals and porn became a part of her life. Colleen and Bradley tell you all about Patricia Krentcil – her calls to Bradley on the weekends and her career with Gina Rodriguez.
Coleen and Bradley are pop-culture detectives who go DEEP into and reveal the truth that Hollywood doesn’t want you to know.
Hollywood is “where nothing is real and everyone smokes” as we say. Find out the truth about Tan Mom, OctoMom and other real world people turned side shows on this season of Go Deep in the Shallow.

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