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Eric André calls nude photo with Emily Ratajkowski ‘iconic’

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Eric André

Eric André has recalled taking a nude photo with Emily Ratajkowski.

While speaking to Rolling Stone for an interview published on Tuesday, the comedian shared the story behind his viral nude photo with the My Body author.

Calling the image “iconic”, Eric told the outlet, “I was really in the moment… drinking wine, and she started dying laughing, and she was like, ‘I have to take a picture of this.’”

He clarified that there “wasn’t much thought” behind taking the photo.

“We both started cracking up,” he recounted. “We both agreed this was a beautiful image that we had to share with the world.”

Eric vaguely dubbed the moment “one of those things”, saying, “I think that’s what art is about. Art is not intellectual; it’s primal.

“It has to speak to your hormones as much as it speaks to your mind.”

He praised the shot’s “spontaneity” as a “happy accident”.

Elsewhere in the interview, Eric shared he didn’t want to “kiss and tell” on his romance with Emily. He gushed over her “grace” when dealing with paparazzi when the pair were on dates.

“It’s legalized stalking. There’s a darkness to it,” he said of media attention on the multi-hyphenate. “She has the right to her privacy.”

He admitted he was “concerned for her safety” as a result.

When asked about the public’s reaction to the pair’s romance, Eric called himself “ugly” comparing himself to Colin Jost and John Mulaney – who are in relationships with Scarlett Johansson and Olivia Munn, respectively.

“How could this happen?” he joked. “I think that people think attraction is only based on physical appearance, but beauty is only skin-deep.”

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