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Eric Andre felt ‘irritated’ losing 18kg for TV show

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Eric Andre

Eric Andre has reflected on his experience losing 18 kilograms for the upcoming sixth season of The Eric Andre Show.

Speaking with GQ in an interview published on Thursday, the comedian, 40, admitted that while it was “nice” being able to fit into his “old jeans and shorts” after losing weight for his show, he ultimately felt “irritated”.

“My assistant came up to me and asked me (how I) I feel – f**king hungry!” he recalled to the magazine. “You look good in the mirror and you’re happy with what you see but you’re hungry – and you can’t drink alcohol. You can’t really have fun,” the comic added.

The Jackass Forever star also joked that, “there is a reason skinny people are b***hes and fat people are jolly”.

“Skinny people have f**king attitudes because they’re f**king starving,” Eric quipped. “I say stay fat. If you’re fat or chubby, stay that way. I felt great… but it wasn’t worth cutting out French fries.”

The sixth season of The Eric Andre Show premiered Sunday on Adult Swim.

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