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Eva Longoria reflects on battling jealousy in previous relationships

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Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has candidly discussed her struggles with jealousy in former relationships.

In an interview with author Isabel Allende for her Connections with Eva Longoria podcast, the Desperate Housewives actress opened up about a difficult emotion she dealt with in her first two marriages.

“I also think jealousy takes up such an amount of energy. I remember being so jealous and like your stomach is inside out. It’s the worst feeling. Why would anybody want that feeling?” she asked.

Eva was wed to actor Tyler Christopher between 2002 and 2004 and to basketball player Tony Parker from 2007 until 2011.

However, the star noted that her relationship with businessman José “Pepe” Bastón, whom she married in 2016, is totally different.

“I think that’s why, with my second marriage – no wait, my third,” the 47-year-old laughed. “I do think, finding love at 40, I found (my husband) when I was 40 – and he was 50 – it was just like, ‘Can we just enjoy this life together?’ I mean I do yell at him for the toothbrush or something like that, still.”

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