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Evan Rachel Wood felt ‘publicly gaslit’ over Marilyn Manson allegations

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Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood felt “publicly gaslit” after coming forward with sexual abuse allegations against her former partner Marilyn Manson.

The Westworld actress claimed in February 2021 that the musician had been emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive during their relationship, which lasted from 2006 until 2010, and she discussed her allegations in detail in the 2022 documentary Phoenix Rising.

During an appearance on Jameela Jamil’s I Weigh podcast, Wood said the experience has made her realize why so many survivors pull out of investigations or recant their allegations after coming forward.

“It’s no joke having to go through the things that have happened to you in excruciating detail. Questions you’ve never been asked. And to have to go back there over and over again, to be publicly gaslit on a large scale or even a small scale, it’s very, very re-traumatising,” she said, confessing that people doubting her story made her feel “crazy”.

“I sit here knowing I’m not lying, knowing I’m telling the truth, but people make you feel crazy,” she continued. “So I have to sit there and meditate and go through the things that have happened to me and go, ‘Did this happen to you? Yes. Did this happen? Yes.’ And I go through the details and replay them in my head just so no one can take my truth away from me, because they try, they really try to break you down.”

Manson, real name Brian Warner, has repeatedly denied all allegations of sexual abuse. In March, he filed a defamation lawsuit against Wood and her partner Ilma Gore, claiming they have “publicly cast” him as a “rapist and abuser”.

Discussing the lawsuit on The View shortly after the filing, the 34-year-old said she was “not scared” and “steady as a rock” because she has “the truth on my side”.

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