Ewan McGregor is Starring in Season 3 of “Fargo!”

Ewan McGregor is Starring in Season 3 of “Fargo!”

Exciting news from Hollywood U.S.A.: One of my favorite actors, Ewan McGregor, is set to star in one of my favorite tv shows, Fargo, as two different characters! The characters, Emmit and Ray Stussy, are brothers (but not twins) who live in Minnesota and apparently have some family issues, with Emmit being the “Parking Lot King of Minnesota” and Ray, a down-on-his-luck type who blames his more successful brother for his troubles.

Fargo has jumped around in time, with  season one set in 2006 and season 2 taking place in 1979, and this time, the show leaps back into the 21st century, with the action taking place in 2010.  Production is set to begin soon and season 3 will air someone in 2017.

I can’t wait to see how McGregor will tackle the role of the “Parking Lot King of Minnesota.” Let’s take a moment to bask in the warm glow of McGregor’s talents, shall we? He can do it all:





Le sigh… He’s one my Hollywood dreamboats (I also used to have a picture of him taped to my locker in high school, but that’s neither here nor there.)

Aren’t you excited for season 3 of Fargo?!



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