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Fatboy Slim worked in cafe during lockdown

DJ Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) DJing in Ibiza 2000's

DJ Fatboy Slim turned to helping out at the community cafe he owns when the Covid-19 lockdown forced him to scrap concert plans in 2020.

The British hitmaker has owned the Big Beach Cafe in Hove, England for years, and he stepped up to help serve customers and deliver food when staff had to quarantine.

“Both my kids have worked there over the years but then after 10 months of sitting around doing absolutely nothing… I got drafted in to help out because we lost two thirds of our staff,” the DJ, real name Norman Cook, told The Chris Evans Virgin Radio Breakfast Show.

“So I stepped in and it was really good for my mental health to get out of the house and talk to people. It’s very popular with walkers, so all the way through this current lockdown it’s a destination for people out on their exercise walks. My mental health is a lot better if I get to talk to people all day rather than sit around not doing anything,” he divulged.

Speaking of Hove, Slim added: “It’s a lovely little community. There is a lot of dog action, there’s a lot of kid action and it’s just a really friendly place to be rather than sitting around watching daytime TV.”

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