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Finneas defends Billie Eilish’s relationship with Jesse Rutherford

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Finneas defended Billie Eilish from criticism over her relationship with Jesse Rutherford.

In the comments of a Monday TikTok, the Let’s Fall in Love for the Night singer responded to a user who took issue with his sister Billie’s relationship with The Neighbourhood bandmate.

A TikTok user made a video replying to one of Finneas’s previous clips. In their video, the user said, “Oh yeah? Well, your sister’s dating a 31-year-old man and your music is s****y.”

Finneas took to the video’s comment section with the words, “I want my sister to be happy and safe and she is a 21 year old (sic) adult perfectly entitled to make her own life decisions.”

Billie commented on her relationship with Jesse in a Vanity Fair video interview published in November, saying, “It’s really cool, and I’m really excited and I’m really happy about it.”

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