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Five make-up mistakes to avoid this party season


Throughout the year, shimmery make-up and bold lipstick colours are typically relegated to special occasions.

But as soon as the calendar clicks over to December, all convention gets tossed out of the window and sparkle makes a major comeback, especially when party season kicks off.

To avoid going over the top with your beauty look during this year’s party season, celebrity make-up artist and founder of Maia Lashes, Selina Bassi, has rounded up the biggest mistakes people tend to make and offered top tips on how to avoid them.

Mistake one: Not prepping skin

A common error people make is failing to prepare the complexion for cosmetics.

“If you haven’t exfoliated or moisturised beforehand, you may find that your make-up doesn’t look as smooth and sleek as you’d hope, it might actually look flaky and patchy,” she noted. “Make sure to prep your skin in the days leading up to a party by exfoliating and moisturising – I recommend using a silicone primer as a base to allow your make-up to sit smoother.”

Mistake two: Not considering how lip colour varies in different lighting

Party season is a great time to be bold with lip colours, but consider how the colour might look different in different lighting.

“When it comes to picking a lip colour, I’d recommend putting a swatch onto your hand and testing how it looks in bright or dull lighting to check you’re happy with it and don’t look back on any pictures with regret,” the expert explained.

Mistake three: Wearing too much bronzer

As much as we all want to look like we’ve got a lovely tan, trying to emulate this by wearing too much bronzer is another big make-up mistake that can actually age you by dulling your skin.

“The best places to lightly apply bronzer are around your hairline, jawline and cheekbones. However, it’s best to keep the bronzer to a minimum and ensure it has been well blended to avoid a stark difference between the colour of your neck and your face,” said Selina.

Mistake four: Not applying mascara correctly

Even if you tend to wear minimal make-up, mascara tends to be a go-to for everyone.

Yet, not everyone knows how to apply it correctly and end up with it smudged all over the place.

“To avoid this, I recommend starting with a primer which will prevent any mascara from getting smudged onto your lower or upper eyelids. If you have long lashes and find that you’re still catching your upper eyelid, I recommend using a business card to cover your eyelid and prevent any mascara from hitting that area,” she advised, before recommending trying out false eyelashes to increase lash fullness.

Mistake five: Forgetting the neck

Whether it’s in the rush of getting ready or has become a habit, forgetting about your neck is a make-up mistake you want to avoid.

“You may find your neck looks a different colour to your face when you’ve finished application, making your make-up look less glam than you expected for your Christmas party. Ensure to incorporate your neck throughout your entire make-up routine, including during the exfoliation and moisturising stage,” added Selina.

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