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Florence Pugh convinced Zach Braff to let her cut real hair for A Good Person

New York screening of 'A Good Person'
Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh convinced Zach Braff to let her cut her real hair for a scene in A Good Person.

In the new drama, the British actress plays Allison, a young woman whose life falls apart following her involvement in an accident.

Discussing a pivotal moment in the film during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday, Florence discussed how she had to persuade writer/director Zach to let her give herself a haircut.

“It was my idea. I said, ‘Zach, I think I should chop my hair off at the beginning of the movie.’ And he was like, ‘Cool, that’s not going to work.’ It was like, ‘How do we do this shooting in order?’ And I was like, ‘You’ll figure it out,'” she recounted.

But after Zach – who dated Florence between 2019 and 2022 – and producers tried to convince the star to change her mind, she insisted it could be done.

“He came and spoke to me, very tentatively. And was like, ‘Florence, we can’t do this, we need to use a wig.’ And I was like, ‘You’ll figure it out.’ And they figured it out! I did it,” the 27-year-old laughed.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Florence expressed her excitement over being able to sing one of her own songs in the film.

“It’s the first time I have actually ever written a song for a character and performed a song as the character as well,” she shared. “But then, outside the movie, I got to record them as how I would like them, as me, as like the creator. So, when the movie comes out my songs are going to be on the soundtrack as well.”

A Good Person, also starring Molly Shannon and Morgan Freeman, opens in select cinemas on Friday.

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