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Florence Pugh uses social media to stay ‘in control’ of her image

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Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh uses social media to make sure her followers can see both her glamorous public persona and her unfiltered private self.

The Don’t Worry Darling actress is unafraid of showing her 9.2 million Instagram followers all sides of herself, from posting a glamorous high-fashion one minute to an unflattering hungover selfie the next.

In a cover interview with Time magazine, the British star explained that she is trying to maintain control of her image in a culture where actors are mocked for their off-duty appearance in the press.

“I would never show one side of me because that’s setting myself up to fail,” she shared. “I don’t want anyone to make money catching me out being me. I want to give them all of me.”

The 27-year-old noted that she grew up in a time where stars were equally celebrated for their red-carpet appearances and torn down for “looking normal”.

“(It was) just this weirdness of everybody loving that they looked a bit c**p that day. I hate how it was almost your fault that you looked like that, ” she continued. “I think when I started out, I wanted to be in control of that I get people to see me, not someone’s trying to dupe me or trick me or ha, she looks like that at, you know, 10am after she partied at the BAFTAs.”

Florence then finished with: “I think part of me being online, and part of me trying to be as normal as I can be when I am, and not on carpets, is to kind of have control over that. There’s no misunderstanding of what I look like in those settings and I think, actually, it’s quite freeing.”

In addition to controlling her image, Florence added that she is also “never afraid” of using her platform when she needs to set the record straight about gossip.

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