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Freddie Highmore was once pushed into closet by ‘scared’ producers on set of talk show

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Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore has recalled how he was once pushed into a broom closet by “really scared” producers on the set of a TV talk show.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday, The Good Doctor actor thanked the host for being so welcoming and replying to his email before the show.

In response, Jimmy asked what backstage is like on other TV programmes.

“I’ve done other shows where it’s definitely been more challenging back there. Some hosts don’t even want to interact with the guests before they come out,” he said.

Without divulging any names, Freddie recounted one particularly jarring experience.

“This host doesn’t like seeing guests beforehand, and so, I was coming backstage with a couple of the producers and they looked up and saw the host at the end of the corridor. And they were really, really scared. And they grabbed me and threw me into the next door that was right there by the hallway, it was a broom closet. A dark broom closet,” the 31-year-old sighed. “And I was there for about a minute and they were like these sort of Secret Service agents on their phone, like, ‘Are we clear, are we clear? Have they gone? Can we bring him out?’ Terrified. And then, just walked out as if nothing happened.”

Jimmy then joked, “Kathie Lee Gifford did that to you?”

To which Freddie answered: “Close…This is a much more pleasant way of spending my evening. Thank you for being a decent human being.”

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