FREE DONUTS for all on Friday (but not us)!
Bradley Traynor

FREE DONUTS for all on Friday (but not us)!

The first Friday in June is National Donut Day and Americans all across our great nation will be stuffing their pie-holes with  all manner of hot, fresh, glazed, chocolate-iced, cream-filled, cakey carb delicacies… for FREE! Tons of local donut holes-in-the-wall and national chains will offer their customers a free treat in honor of this major holiday.

There’s only a slight problem. NONE OF THEM ARE IN THE TWIN CITIES!!!

C’mon, Minnesota donuteers, surely you can do better than this! Why are you CRULLER (get it, cruller…) than the national average?

Who’s gonna step up to the freebie donut plate?

You’ve got 48 hours.



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