From the YouTube vault: Barbara Walters & Gloria Swanson
Bradley Traynor

From the YouTube vault: Barbara Walters & Gloria Swanson

I tripped across a photo spread of the late great silent film diva Gloria Swanson this week and, as often happens, that little bit of Internet fluff spurred a fertile dig into the depths of YouTube for something a little deeper to sate my passing fancy.

A few Gloria Swanson related clicks later, I happened upon Barbara Walters’ 1981 interview of Swanson. Taped just a couple years before her death, Barbara probed the grand dame of Hollywood about her autobiography “Swanson” that had just been released.

Swanson goes on to dish about her scandalous affair with Joseph Kennedy, the patriarch of America’s Kennedy clan.

It hit the proverbial spot as YouTube spirals go and if you’ve ever found Gloria Swanson to be as delicious as I have, enjoy this delightful little time capsule of an interview.



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