From the YouTube vault: Old Hollywood star gabfest!
Bradley Traynor

From the YouTube vault: Old Hollywood star gabfest!

There are just some YouTube videos you need to see and this is one of them. Actually, today’s From the YouTube Vault selection is a two-parter. Talk show host Mike Douglas visits MGM on the heels of filming for “That’s Entertainment II” and chats with some of Hollywood’s greatest movie stars.

Among others, Nanette Fabray, Debbie Reynolds, Ann Miller, Janis Paige, Gene Kelly, Jane Powell, and Fred Astaire join Mike for a look back on old Hollywood right on Soundstage 27 where some of our favorite films of all time were shot.

The back and forth between Ann Miller and Debbie Reynolds is a particular high point. Sit back, click and enjoy this walk down memory lane from 1976.





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