Who would survive the apocalypse?

Which myTalk host would survive the apocalypse? Long suffering Donny Love? Would we work around his afternoon nap? Colleen Lindstrom? She thinks so. Lori and Julia? Would Alexis' garden and mating animals make it? Would Jason and Holly "Thelma and Louise it"? We discuss. Donna Valentine chimes in too; would she survive?

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    So much new music today! A single from Bebe Rexha, The Dave Matthews Band is number one on the Billboard charts, Paul McCartney is back, and Demi Lovato releases a touching ballad.

  • JA Second Chance Romance mixed signals

    Katie and Vivian went on one date. Katie really likes Vivian and noticed she was a little standoffish at the end of the night. Why did the vibe of the date change? We found out!