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Gabrielle Union used to monitor her children’s social media accounts

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Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union’s kids had no idea she was “monitoring” their social media accounts.

While speaking to Glamour, the Bring It On actress discussed how she controls social media consumption in her home.

“For our minor children, they aren’t in control of their social media. For our adult children, it’s been trial and error,” Gabrielle, 50, told the publication.

She continued, “Trust is tricky in this generation, you’re going to find out quickly who you can trust and who you can’t. They found that out quickly because none of them had complete control over their social media until they became adults.”

The actress also revealed that she had “constant supervision” over her children’s social media accounts.

“As a family, we had too much to lose, we needed to ensure we had constant supervision. Now, did the older kids know that? No, they didn’t. They forgot that we had set up their accounts as gifts,” Gabrielle told the magazine. “So they had no idea we were monitoring their DMs and everything else. You got to do what you got to do.”

The Bad Boys II actress added, “Social media is great for knowing what’s happening in my household.”

Gabrielle shares her four-year-old daughter Kaavia with her husband Dwyane Wade. Additionally, she is a stepmother to her husband’s children Zaire, 21, Zaya, 16, and Xavier, nine.

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