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Geena Davis recalls actor telling her she was ‘too old’ to be his romantic interest

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Geena Davis

Geena Davis has spoken out about her experiences of ageism in Hollywood.

During a recent conversation with Allison Kugel for her Allison Interviews podcast, the 65-year-old actress recalled an incident where she was dubbed “too old” to be a romantic interest.

“It’s very strange and so prevalent,” the A League of Their Own star explained. “A certain male actor that was making a movie said that I was too old to be his romantic interest, and I was 20 years younger than him.”

She continued, “Women peak in their 20s and 30s, and men peak in their 40s and 50s as far as actors go. So, the male stars of the movies want to appear to be younger than they are, or they want to appeal to younger people, so they always want a co-star who is really young.”

The Oscar winner attributed the phenomenon to the reason why women get cast in fewer roles as they age.

“That is why that happens and that is why women don’t get cast very much after 40 and 50. It is because they are felt to be too old to be a romantic interest,” Davis added.

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