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Get ready for sandal season


With warmer weather on the way soon, our feet need some attention before sandal season arrives. 

Having spent months tucked away in socks and winter shoes, feet often feel neglected at this time of year. 

Jennifer Lopez recently declared it was officially sandal season and while it may not feel quite warm enough to ditch our socks just yet, now is the time to start preparing to put your best foot forward! 

Here are Mavala’s in-house expert Lynn Gray’s top five tips. 


1. Moisturiser isn’t only for the face! 

Much like you use a daily moisturiser for your face and body, don’t forget a foot cream to ensure you have soft and supple feet. Mavala Hydro-Repairing Foot Care is perfect for very dry heels and feet and prevents unsightly cracks and callouses. Rich in vitamins, this menthol-fragranced cream is specially formulated using 25 per cent urea and contains no parabens. Say hello to baby soft feet! 


2. Feel light-footed all-day 

If your feet overheat and swell then make sure you’re using products that refresh and revitalise. Start your day with a product that can help combat the signs of swelling, as well as leaving feet feeling fresher for longer. Gels can help to soothe hot swollen ankles and feet, with camphor and menthol offering a cooling sensation. 


3. Scrub away the pain 

Proper care can also prevent many types of foot pain. Callouses can cause significant discomfort, so scrubbing your feet will help remove a build-up of hard skin and also allow foot cream to absorb better. Scrubbing the feet will also stimulate blood flow which can help to alleviate regular aches and pains that come from being on your feet all day. 


4. Now is the time to act 

Fungus loves warm moist environments such as cosy socks, chunky boots and tights, so during the winter months, fungus can spread fast! Malava’s Mavamed is an over-the-counter treatment that helps get rid of fungal nail infections by eliminating 99.9 per cent of nail fungus. This instant killer complex is ideal for prevention and protection and is a medical device without a prescription. 


5. Finishing touch 

When painting toes nails, always use a base coat to protect the nails from discolouration – we tend to wear dark shades on our toes for a long time so our nails can go a little yellow. A base coat will help protect them and ensure that toenails are strong and healthy-looking when wearing sandals in the summer months. 

– Cover Media