A ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival revival? Yes, please!!!
Colleen Lindstrom

A ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival revival? Yes, please!!!

Netflix is hinting that they are in VERY preliminary talks with ‘Gilmore Girls’ creator Amy Sherman-Palladino to shoot more episodes of the revival that had hearts racing.

The legend of ‘Gilmore Girls’ is as such, the first six seasons, airing from 2000-2006 were written at the helm of Amy Sherman-Palladino, when the network was unable to come to a suitable agreement with Amy Sherman-Palladino, a new team took the reigns, which resulted in the oft maligned seventh season in 2007.

Meanwhile, Sherman-Palladino always had an ending in mind for the show, which never came to fruition because she wasn’t able to complete the show’s run.

SO, fast forward to 2016, when the cult favorite enjoyed a resurgence, thanks to the popularity of streaming, and creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and the original stars were able to align (see what I did there) to make a four part series a reality – resulting in the legendary final four words that Sherman-Palladino had always imagined.

And now, we want more. ‘Gilmore Girls’ fans want more, more, more! And it sounds like the stars in Stars Hallow could align once more for us. Or at least, Netflix and Amy Sherman-Palladino are taking that consideration quite seriously.

If you haven’t had a chance to get into ‘Gilmore Girls,’ I’d say now is your chance. Do it with haste, and mark my words, by the end, you will wish for more, too.



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